Congratulations to Mason Bragg who shot a perfect score at the Wellington Schools Clay Target Shoot this week. Mason shot 25/25 to win the Senior boys category. Young Mason Smith also shot well, coming a very credible 3rd in the junior boys

“The day started perfectly, everything was going to plan and the sun was shining. I was promoted to squad fifteen. The other members were Mason Bragg, Chris Weston, Tom Garland and Wade Theodore.

The first five targets were Down the Line targets followed by twenty simulated targets. I got a perfect score on the first five and then fourteen out of twenty. Mason Bragg was inspirational and shot twenty-five out of twenty-five. Everyone in our squad shot really well and managed to come second in the competition. Gippsland Grammar School come first with a score 107 targets, Yarram was close behind with a score of 102 and Catholic College Sale came third with a score of 99.

At the end of the day, I tied with a boy from Gippsland Grammar, which meant I had to go into a shoot off. I was extremely nervous but had to keep a straight face and concentrate. It was a draw all the way through until the last shot where he just missed. I had never concentrated more than I had at that moment and managed to pull it off. I shook his hand and congratulated him for being a great sport and competitor.”

-Mason Smith


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