The Donnas

The production again promises to be a highlight of the school year, with some old faces and some new treading the boards for the first time. The show features Lauren Tschugguel in the lead role as Linda, James Swasbrick as VB Branson, and Ella Emberson, Lila Gough-Boyd and Kaylah Hands as the “Cool Donna’s”.

“The Donnas” is centred around Linda, a struggling waitress at the Hop Inn diner, run by Italian “Barry” Romero.  The year is 1955. Because she is good at forging notes for school, she gets invited to join the “Donnas” a cool group of elite females comprising Donna Chandler, Donna Romero and Donna McNamara. Linda meets up with new kid Victor Branson or V.B after he successfully defends himself from the school athletic jocks Gary and Dick. With V.B  by her side Linda’s life spirals out of control as he starts to display all of the traits of a serial killer.

The show has a happy ending with plenty of rocking songs from the 1950’s.

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