The Case of the Perfect Man

Rehearsals for this years musical production “The Case of the Missing Man” are  well underway with the leads rehearing 2 afternoons a week and the rest of the cast one. Under the guidance of  Director Darren McCubbin, and  Kristen Sellings Assistant Director and with help from staff, Mrs Bowden and some of the students, the script includes some well know songs. The plot a 1920’s jazz mystery with a modern twist, tells the story of Nellie Miller (Hayley Hands), an innocent yet independent women who joins forces with Private Detective Rick Sponetti (Kristen Sellings) and ex-hairstylist Garry Gimball (Eli Kerrison-Male) to find the truth about Jasper Wolfe, a “perfect man” who Nellie fell in love with through the “Faceboard” As their investigation progresses, and with the tough gangsters and a conniving girl “pack” watching their every move. It is soon revealed that no-one, not even Jasper himself, may be who they seem to be. Suited for all ages, this new musical is set to be an amusing, suspenseful and incredibly entertaining show, one that will keep you guessing until the very end. Other lead roles are: Joe White (Teilor Woolford) and Chicky Bloom (Rachel Summerfield) Musical directors for the production are Linda Bowden and Russel Praetz, with staff members  Mel Mitchell, Helen Summers, Catherine White and Ryan Martini also very involved in the rehearsals.

Funding for this years production has come from the  Education Department in the form of a Bully Stoppers grant which the school successfully received after sending in an application last year.


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