The Australia – China Party

Friday was a busy day for everyone here in Changshu. Mr Mitchell and Mr Chester were again in meetings at the Education Bureau for the morning while everyone else was at school.

Our YSC students went to the first few classes and then met in the Library at 9.30am with Mel and Mr Johnston. They had 2 hours to prepare for a concert in the auditorium called the Australia – China Party. We provided 5 performances, Wyatt helped with Props’ and sound and Jess helped to MC to concert. Georgie was originally going to MC but rolled her ankle just before the concert started and Jess stepped in at the last minute.

Lewis and Patrick read out the Banjo Patterson poem Clancy of the Overflow, Sam played guitar with Nadine singing, Nadine and Jade sang, Suzy and Jed sang and Suzy did a solo number with her guitar. There were also many performances from the Chinese students who demonstrated some traditional Chinese dance and instruments. Some games were played with our students being invited up on stage to play and the concert finished with our students and their pals up on stage dancing to Gangnam Style.

The Gippsland Regional Director, Karen Cain, then joined us all on stage with Director Lin from the Changshu Education Bureau for some official photos.

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