Students in all year levels were rewarded for their effort and academic achievement during term 1 and presented with certificates at a general assembly this morning.

Winners were: Year 7-  Eden Gregory,  Emma Millar,  Alex Vincent,  Sarah Myers, Kali Irvine-Nagle,  Shane Barlow,  Chloe Finn, Jenna Lothian,  Ruby Lane, Maddison Roberts, Jordan McDonald, Logan Wilson, Lachlan Grant, Year 8- Emily Greenaway, Stephanie Barlow, William Wilson, Hayley Hands, Seamus Doyle, Emily Finn, Daniel O’Keefe, Jackson O’Loughlin, Alex Jeffs, Claire Gay, Eli Kerrison-Male,  Leigh Biemans,   Aimee Moore, Sarah Jones, Hamish Thomson, Year 9- Jess Mattern, Andrew Neilson, Jessica Banik, Laura Miller, Billi Chisholm, Nick Tschugguel, Braydn Wilson, Tegan Patterson, Taylor Gregory, Mariah Armstrong, Year 10-  Rory Mullan,  Shannon Ray, Rachel Sellings, Kristen Sellings, Emma Franke,  Stacey Coulthard , Bec Smith,  Zoe Henderson,  Lucas Berryman, Eden Moule, Dawn Moule, Samantha Ryan, Year 11- Laura Bland, Cameron Whiteoak, Jack Mitchell, Emily Lane, Megane Greenaway, Rachel Summerfield, Stephen Hunter, Louis Rodaughan, Year 12- Tim Franke,  Ashlee Elliot,  Fiona Saliakos,  Nadine Lucas, Tom Johnson, Lewis McQueen, Patrick Petterson,  Shawn Venning, Molly Howell



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