Tarra Mia 2020

Have you considered buying the annual school magazine? The Tarra Mia has been published every year since the 1940’s.

The original Tarra Mia was a “roneoed” (photocopying by machines with carbon paper and metho!) to today a full color glossy magazine worthy on being on any shop’s shelves.

Students are often asked if they are going to buy one, to which they answer “I don’t want that”!

It’s amazing in years to come, school reunions come up, people do amazing things in the world and some students say, I can’t remember them or what year did we do that at school; The answer is in the Tarra Mia!

The magazine is sold for $30 (about 1/2 of the printing cost) and is a wonderful piece of written history, containing photos, articles and quotes, mostly from the students themselves.

If you would like to order one, you must order and pay before the end of Term 3.

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