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Gellion were victorious at this year’s interhouse swimming carnival held yesterday. Students were keen and got into the spirit of the day, dressing in house colors and cheering on their team mates. The weather was fantastic and students were eager to get into the pool to compete. The VET sport class served sausages and homemade hamburgers to the hungry staff and students. At the end of the day the novelty events and staff vs teachers race were swam. The staff student race created a lot of interest and in the Whitney just scraped in ahead of the teachers “just”! Well done to all her participated or attended the day.

Results:  1st Gellion 468, 2nd Whitney 389, 3rd McMillan 378 4th Livingston 266

Age Group champions:  U13’s Georgie  Banik & Alex Jeffs U14’s Sarah McDonald & James Saliakos U15’s Zoe Henderson & Jarrod Vening U16’s Holly Jonston & Daniel Bassett U17’s Hayley Skews & Shawn Vening Open Laura Jonston & Jake Furlong


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