We had an early start today and boarded the bus for the Suzhou Number 1 Silk Factory at 8.30am. We had a brief tour to show us the process of making silk, from the silk worm through to the factory. Due to the time of year there were no real silk worms on display. Some of us had the opportunity to try our hand at stretching the silk as if we were hand-making the silk quilts. Of course once we had seen this there was an opportunity to buy some silk products from the factory! Some of the teacher bought silk quilts while others in the group found some gifts in the store.

Our next destination was Tiger Hill. Once we arrived near the entrance we found some grass to relax on while everyone had a chance to buy a snack from the many street vendors in the park. We then made our way to into the Tiger Hill Scenic Region. It is a huge park with ancient buildings and pavilions. Some of us chose to walk to the top while others took an electric carriage train or horse drawn cart . The main feature of Tiger Hill is the magnificent 1000 year old Yunyan Temple Pagoda, know as the Tiger Hill Pagoda. There is a view right across the city of Suzhou from the top of the hill and there were many places to relax and enjoy this very peaceful location. Lachlan and Mr Chester found a tea house and spent some time drinking green tea and enjoying the view from the second floor of a beautiful old  pavilion.

We had to make our own way back to our Hotel from Tiger Hill and many of us chose a tuk tuk as the preferred mode of transport. Some of the bigger boys had to get out on the hills as the riders of the pedal powered tuk tuks were struggling to keep them moving. Mr Chester did the pedaling for a while and gave his driver a rest! We had some free time after returning to the hotel, with some people choosing to explore the local area while others rested in their rooms and around the hotel. We booked a restaurant for dinner in the tourist area by the canal that we visited last night.

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