Sue reaches 35

Sue Gilliland attended  Yarram Secondary College as a student in year 7 and 8.  She continued her study at Toorak College.  Sue was appointed as a teacher at Yarram ‘High’ School on the 1st of January, 1979 and is still part of the ‘school fabric’.  When Sue commenced her teaching, she was required to teach both keyboarding using typewriters and shorthand.  She has proven herself to be very adaptable to change.  Sue saw the introduction of computer laboratories and their demise with the introduction of student netbooks.  She has seen the change of technology from video players, to DVD players to Smartboards.  Sue has been required to teach a broad range of subjects, mainly in the Commerce/SOSE area but also including both English and recently VCAL.  Sue has always risen to the challenge of developing the curriculum and appropriate tasks.

Throughout her teaching, regardless of the subject, Sue has focussed on the student as a person.  She has an excellent knowledge of the local area and its people and the students background.  In 2007, Sue was the ideal person to take over the role of Bus Co-ordinator as well as maintain her teaching load.  She has carried out this role with diligence that such a responsible position requires.

In her time at Yarram, Sue has witnessed the school change name, burn down and  flood (several times).  She has seen 8  principals and acting principals come and go.  Throughout this time, Sue has been sustained by her passion for horse riding and recently specialising in camp drafting.  She has inspired many of her horse riding students and can be seen during the quiet times with her nose in ‘horse deals’.  Her office is adorned with both every College magazine and pictures of horses.


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