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YSC students were delighted to be invited to perform at the Yarram District Health Service Mid-Year Volunteers’ Lunch.The Volunteers’ Co-ordinator, Marinda Smith had given YSC Performing Arts teacher Nik Salter a broad brief, asking for some drama and music that followed the day’s theme of Colourful People, Colourful Lives.  Through lunchtime workshop sessions, William Lay and Brock Duve developed a spoken word performance.  Their popular piece opened the show and explored the importance of volunteers to individuals and the community as a whole.  This was followed with a toe-tapping 12-bar blues, and a terrific rendition of the surfing classic Pipeline, played deftly by Mitch Selby on electric guitar and Jarian Long on bass.  The final piece brought a Celtic feel, with Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire, poignantly sung by members of the YSC choir, and accompanied by choir leader, Mrs. Linda Bowden on guitar.  Sarah Myers, Emilee Bassett and Emerald Watson’s beautiful vocals were a haunting support to Kara Chapman and Kane Allen’s brief solos at the finale of the piece. Marinda Smith gave a lovely speech of thanks and each student was given a small gift of appreciation. The students’ performances were so successful, they have been invited back for the Volunteers’ Christmas Lunch Performance later this year.

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