Students Explore Loy Yang B Power Station

Yarram Secondary College was invited to take interested students to Loy Yang B Power Station today to learn firsthand how electricity is made and how the plant operates.

This all came about through our involvement with the Beacon Foundation and in particular our Beacon Gippsland Representative, Julie Jacobs.

Julie met us at the gates at Loy Yang making for an easy transition into the grounds. Once inside we were met by HR Employee Tess. Tess had worked internally to organise our groups information session and tour.

The students, Julie and I were taken into a briefing room where we were met by Des Dalton, General Manager of the Power Station. Des showed a visual presentation which outlined how the power station works, who its now owned by, the companies who have owned it in the past and the changes which have happened since being built in 1993.

The students were captivated by the presentation and asked Des some excellent questions about the plant, power generation and the possibility of future jobs for young people.

We were then split into small groups and taken on an extensive tour of the site which was a real eye opener for the students, especially when they found themselves twenty stories high overlooking the open cut. The sheer size of the chimneys, shoots, pumps and engines was overwhelming.

Students were then treated to a beautiful lunch before getting back on the bus for the return trip to school.

The students talked about what they had seen and they were very impressed with the professionalism of the tour guides. Some commented that this was an amazing experience, awesome and somewhere they would love to work in the future.

Our school would like to thank all employees at Loy Yang who contributed to the information session and tour which has now given our students additional ideas for their future vocational pathways.

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