Student Reflection – Shantaz Gregson

There are so many differences between Australia and China. The children have a massive day at school they go for nearly ten hours where as we only go to school for six hours. The children also have a lot of homework compared to us and it has to be completed every night.

The food is completely different. They have rice nearly every day and even though they change up a lot of the food I’d still get sick of having rice every day. They have morning exercise every day unless it is raining. And they have around nine lessons a day where as we only have four. Their lessons only go for about forty five minutes where as ours go for longer, but they still have a way longer day than us. They have lunch at about 11.30 where they have to stand in line and then sit down while they have their lunch. As soon as they are finished they go back to their class room. Their eating room is a massive cafeteria in the dining hall and they have to pay for their food. In the dining hall we go to they have a cafeteria upstairs and they have one down stairs to. My host sister and her class go to the down stairs one so that is where I go.

In the classroom that I am in they have fifty three kids. That’s practically double what we have in each class. They also sit on stools not chairs. These stools don’t have backrests and I really do not know how they can sit for nearly ten hours a day with nothing behind their back. It’s just incredible.

The other day when I had to give some brief information about myself someone asked me what my favourite subject was I said wood. And both the teacher and the kids around just looked at me not having a clue what I meant. I explained to the teacher and then she explained to the kids. They were so surprised we had subjects like that. I also told them that we had around seven subjects in year ten and they were so amazed by that. I’m not sure how many they have but most of their classes seem really hard.

While watching the maths class I sort of understood what they were doing and we did a bit of the same stuff last year but their maths seems to be more advanced than ours and we are older than them.

I am in an English class right now and the kid’s level of work is probably something someone in year four or five would be doing in Australia. But these kids have to learn a different language on top of everything else they have to do every day and I think what they are learning would actually be pretty hard considering English is supposed to be one of the hardest languages in the world. Their English is different to ours though. You have to speak slowly for them to understand and you have to explain a lot of things.


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