Student Reflection – Nadine Lucas

China is awesome! No joke!

It’s not exactly what you see on t.v. it is even better. The people are very friendly and get excited when they see an Australian, always wanting to interact or get  a photo.

The sights I have already seen just amaze me as they are just beautiful and creative. The Chinese culture is so different and I have so much to learn.

In my host family they have been teaching me how to cook and speak better Chinese. They are very nice, funny people and I am so thankful for them sharing their home with me.

The food is different but I am getting used to it. The flavours in each and every dish are a surprise and most tastes better than it looks. The cool dishes I have tried include chicken necks, bamboo, chicken liver dumplings and pigs stomach. All have very strange tastes!

I am having so much fun learning about this culture and experiencing it with my own eyes. Hope to see all of my family and friends soon. Keep on smiling!

From Nadine.

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