Student Reflection – Molly Howell

Saturday 3rd November

Today we got up at 7:20am and left the hotel at 8:30am to go to the Terracotta Warriors. Just like every other morning there was a buffet breakfast with a wide variety of food to choose from which tasted yummy.

It took about an hour to get to the Terracotta warriors via bus. The Terracotta warriors are divided into 3 areas: pit 1, pit 2 and pit 3. We started at pit one- which was the biggest and made our way to pit 2 and 3. The Terracotta warriors were amazing! You could see the detail on all of them even from a distance. Most of the warriors were in one piece however there were some missing heads and other body parts and some were just broken up pieces on the ground.

In the main gift shop was one of the farmers who discovered the warriors and was there to sign books, so many people bought books and got them signed which was pretty cool. We then had lunch in a restaurant nearby then went to the Drum Tower and the Muslim market again.

Since we went to the Muslim market yesterday, most people knew what they wanted and knew where to go. We then went to dinner at ‘Hot pot’ which was a restaurant where you made your own sauce and cooked the food yourself in a pot in front of you, then dipped it in your sauce. It was really fun. The noddles, beef and potato were very popular on my table so they went very quickly.

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