Student Reflection – Georgie Reed

The first 7 days in China have been great. This has been from the 10 hour flight to the hot, muggy weather in Shanghai. I have tried basically everything that has been put in front of me. My stomach took a while to get used to the food as we were eating it 3 meals a day. We have been to many attractions and they have all been interesting. I have enjoyed them and taken a lot of photos. I have liked the museums and finding about of the history of China. My favourite so far has been the pearl tower. It is like the eureka sky deck and has a transparent glass windows to look at the whole of Shanghai.

I stayed my first night at the homestay and my family is so nice. I said ne hai to Alice’s grandma because she can’t speak any English. Her mother can understand but not speak it back. She can repeat some little phrases though. I haven’t met my host father as he works long hours at the factory. I have no idea what sort of factory though. We rode our bikes to the supermarket and to school. I am really glad that I could buy some snacks at the supermarket.

At school they have about 50 students in one class. They have lunch at 11:30 and they have 8 periods a day. They get given a lot of homework as well. They usually start at 7 and get home at 5- 5:30. They are all so smart and have heaps of homework they are 2 years younger and so much smarter. I had a P.E class and it was so tiring. We had to also do 100 skips in 1 minute. Was so hard and only made like 70. We played basketball after that. The boys like it and are good, the girls not so much. In the morning and afternoon they do exercises. They do stretches and warm ups.

I have learnt to play mah-jong and I haven’t eaten anything weird. I have tried lots of other fruits and I have liked them all. We go for night walks and I joined the dancing in the streets with the older ladies. I have tried sweets that are for sale on the streets.

It has been going so fast and I can’t wait for the terracotta warriors and great wall.

By Georgie Reed.

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