Stand Together and Speak Out about Bullying

Whether it’s in the classroom, on social media, via text or on the bus travelling to or from school, there is no excuse for bullying in any form. That was the message Deputy Premier and The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Peter Ryan offered when he visited Yarram Secondary College.

Mr Ryan’s visit to the school coincided with the National Day Against Bullying and Violence and National Harmony Day. Speaking to year 7 and 8 students, Mr Ryan said that this year’s National Day against Bullying and Violence theme – Bullying. No Way – highlighted that bullying was never acceptable.

“There are many forms of bullying such as excluding people from joining in, physical violence, saying things that upset the person to their face or online, or sharing private or unflattering images and messages,” Mr Ryan said.

“All bullying, including cyber bullying, has a negative impact on the ‘target that can lead to serious health and social concerns including low self-esteem, reduced academic outcomes, social disconnect, depression and suicide. You cannot always judge the effect of your actions online and often message are taken in a way that you hadn’t intended and with that are consequences that go well beyond your control”

Mr Ryan said cyber-bullying affected people of all races and girls were just as likely to be cyber bullies as boys.

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