SRC end-of-year celebration:

The SRC had their final get together on Friday with a lunch and reflection of what they have achieved the year.

The SRC has done a tremendous amount of work and should be very proud of what they have achieved. This has included:

  • Building the school’s spirit through lunchtime competitions and movies; the inclusion of more novelty events at our sports carnivals and the campaign for a 2014 YSC Production.
  • Responding to the needs and concerns of the student body, including the re-opening of the lunchroom as well as the purchase of new equipment for this; the purchase of aluminium seats at the bus loop; the erection of a shade cloth over the canteen and the opening of a side window for lunch orders; as well as the addition of student planners to the booklist.
  • Having a say in decisions that affect students, with many of the representatives being involved in extra-curricular leadership activities such as VicSRC Congress, GRIP Leadership Days, Youth Parliament and FReeZA.
  • Bringing about change by fundraising well over $1000 for various charities and continued sponsorship of a child in Ethiopia.

The students all received a Certificate of Appreciation for the efforts.


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