Our Sister School Visits

Yesterday we welcomed 11 students and a teacher from our sister school Changshu Foreign Language Middle School in Suzhou to Yarram.  The students and their teacher Mr Sun were treated to a a delicious meal of spicey Mexican soup, roast meats and veges and pavalova. Also in attendance were Acting Principal Terry Harrington, Assistant Principal Lyn Kerrison, and former Principals Wayne Chester, Anthony Rodaughan and Assistant Principal Russell Mitchell. Ms Cathy Tan from Morwell also came along to interpret for the guests. The visitors are spending 6 days at Yarram, staying with host families and spending time with their host brothers and sisters and buddies. Some of the exciting activities the visitors will be engaging in include, making an Australian themed poster, PE, textile, wood and metal classes, a visit to Wilsons Promontory, boomerang throwing, football and lamington making. The highlight will be cooking and eating an “Australian Road Kill Feast”. The menu for the feast includes Wattleseed damper, Salt and pepper crocodile, Spicy roasted emu with a balsamic Jus, Bush Tomato, balsamic, ginger and lemon myrtle wallaby stir-fry, and a desert lime (and native finger lime) coconut tart.



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