Sharks See Success

Congratulations to all who participated in Tuesdays Interhouse Swimming Sports. For the second year in a row Sharks were the victors on 820pts, with Falcons 2nd-787 and Eagles 3rd 631. It was a fantastic day weather wise with a great atmosphere, with students decked out in their house colours.

New records were created in Butterfly and freestyle (these were completed during pe classes last week) Maddison Parry 15yrs Butterfly and 100 freestyle , Jarrod Vening 20yrs butterfly, Turrie Teo 14yrs 100 freestyle, Bailey Barron15yrs 100 freestyle,Emma Van der Lustgraaf 13 yrs 100 freestyle

Broken Records- Zoe Henderson 20yrs 50mts freestyle 23.92 (2015- Kansas Martens 26.26) Kade Price-Handley 17yrs 50mts freestyle 20.02 (2015-Jarrod Vening 21.38) Sarah McDonald 50mts freestyle  22.09 (2015-Zoe Henderson 23.66) Maddison Parry 15yrs 50mts backstroke 26.31 (1997- Andrea Mattern) Maddison Parry 15yrs 50mts freestyle 20.50  (1976- Robyn Knight 22.35)

Age Champions 13yrs Joel Akers and Hazel Kerrison-Male, 14yrs Tom Lincoln and Chloe Finn, 15yrs Eli Kerrison-Male and Maddison Parry, 16yrs Alex Jeffs and Georgie Banik, 17yrs Kade Price-Handley and Sarah McDonald, 20yrs Jarrod Vening and Zoe Henderson


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