Sharks Claim Glory

After a week of not so nice weather, the weather Gods looked upon Yarram Secondary College presenting a sunny day for their annual athletics carnival.

Competition was fierce and the three houses were close on points all day. Eagles who are yet to win any of the interhouse competitions, since the inauguration of the 3 house system, even got all their house members to compete in one event, to grab participation points.

At the end of the day it was the Sharks “Yalmri”, who won with 1608pts, Eagles “Gwannamurrang” 2nd 1526 and Falcons “Dedel” 3rd with 1442 points.

Record Breakers-

Malique Johnston 14yrs high jump 1.6m (Royce Vardy 1993- 1.58mts)

Daniel Mether 16yrs 200m 25.54sec (Peter Cook 1972-25.80 secs)

Daniel Mether 16yrs 100m 12.06secs (Alex Jeffs 2016-12.23 secs)

Hazel Kerrison-Male 15yrs discus 25.5mts (Kerrie Helleren 1982- 21.9mts)

Lochlan Sketcher 15yrs 100mts 10.1 secs (Brayden Wilson 2014-12.5mts)

Jett Mander 13yrs 100m 13.12 secs (Jamie Madeley 1985-13.88 secs)

Jett Mander 13yrs 200m 28.28 secs (Malique Johnston 2017- 29.31 secs)

Age Grp champions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              20yrs, Jake McFarland, Emily Finn, 17yrs Ben Mattern, Madison Parry, 16yrs William Southwell, Breanne Uber, 15yrs, Trent Askew, Taylah Buckley, 14yrs Leo Cashmore, Ellie Thunder, 13yrs Jett Mander, Lily Kerrison-Male


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