Senior School Update

As we finish Semester 1 and begin a new semester, it is important that if students have not met an Outcome for Unit 1 or 3, in many cases, they can still earn an ‘S’ by submitting work, successfully re-sit the test or demonstrate their knowledge.

Head Start begins this week and students are reminded that both ‘Beat Math’s’ and ‘Fixing Lit’ are programs run each Monday after school from 3:30 to 4:30 to assist students to achieve better results in all areas of study.   Students are reminded to be prepared and attend all classes, however if they are going to be absent from class, a medical certificate is a must. It is imperative in the senior school for students to meet deadlines for assessment tasks. Students are also reminded that a homework plan is an excellent way to ensure they meet deadlines.If students are going to be away due to extra-curricular activities, they must talk to their subject teachers before the date of a SAC. YSC policy is to have students complete SACs before, not after an excursion, planned family holiday etc. All students in the Senior-school have been e-mailed the SAC/SAT/Important dates calendar, to add to ‘Outlook’.  Students will have holiday homework, this is not optional work, it is required and students will struggle to ‘keep up’ if they do not complete the required work. A congratulation goes to Patrick Peterson, Peter Shrubb and Brendon Weston on being accepted to attend ‘SPARK’ during the winter break. ‘SPARK’ is“an initiative that provides an opportunity for 100 grade 10-12 high school students to experience university life and see what engineering has to offer. Over the 5-7 day camp students stay on university grounds at a residential college, with activities planned throughout the city.”

We also congratulate Tom Holt and Liam Yodgee for their sensible and responsible leadership shown. The senior students also took an active role in the success of the Interhouse Cross Country.  Congratulations go to Rowan Missen, Tavia Field, Shaughn and Ahslee Elliot our senior school age group winners. A look at the Vivo league tables saw new leaders, Emily Lane, Molly Howell were in the number one position in Year 11 and Year 12. Students were encouraged to get their parents to log onto Vivomiles and create a pledge for their child. 


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