Senior School Rewards

With one week until mid-year exams, the Senior School is abuzz with students revising key concepts and skills, to ensure that they excel in their classes.

All senior students had an electronic copy of the timetable e-mailed to them, so they are all informed about dates and times of all exams, including the General Achievement Test(GAT). All students who are completing a Yr 12 VCE subject (Unit 3 subject) must complete the GAT.

As the month draws to a close, it was time to award the month of May Senior Student acknowledgements for Academic Excellence. These students were nominated by their subject teacher for outstanding success in their area:

Darcy Patterson & Ang Crane (Year 12 Wood)
Broden Mobbs (Year 11 Wood)
Patrick Petterson and Morgan Tatnell (Year 11 Food)
Luke McKean and Cassie Albutt (Year 11 Food)

Nicole Hooper (Year 12 Media excellence + Flourish)
Lewis McQueen (Year 12 Visual Communication and Design + Flourish)
Hayley Skews (Year 12 Media +Flourish)
Kaitlyn McDonald (Year 11 Visual Communication and Design)

Fiona Saliakos (Year 11 Visual Communication and Design)

Ashlee Elliot (Year 11 Visual Communication and Design)     

Patrick Petterson (Year 11 Visual Communication and Design)

Tom Johnson (Year 11 Chemistry)

All students who received an award were invited for a ‘lucky dip’ in the prize bin and will receive an acknowledgement by post.

Speaking of lucky dip…

Congratulations to the following Frequent Fliers who all ‘cashed’ in their cards this morning for a lucky (or not-so-lucky) dip:

Year 11:
Emma Foat, Emma Gay and Luke McKeane

Year 12:
Ethan Stephens and Lachlan Andrews

Congratulations also to Jacinta Kuhnell, Bobby Brewer-Bell, Tavia Field and Ashlee Elliot for outstanding participation and success as ‘age-champions’ in the Cross Country Fun Run.

Each of these students was allowed a ‘lucky dip’ in the prize bin and will receive an acknowledgement by post.


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