Senior School Report

The end of year is fast approaching for Year 12 students, with only 3 weeks of formal classes to go. Students were reminded that when classes have finished, it doesn’t mean that students can’t still come to school to attend classes, visit teachers or use the senior study, as a distraction-free study space. Any student who wants to make use of their usual class time with a teacher, was reminded to make arrangements before the day of the class. Furthermore the Senior Study will be open to Year 12 students, for study, until the end of the Exam period/Valedictory.

 During this time students will still have access to their netbooks. Details regarding the return of YSC netbooks will be provided soon. For the time being, students were reminded to back-up any information that they would like to keep to a personal hard-drive/usb drive.

 All students in Year 11 and 12 who are completing a Year 12 VCE/VET subject were also reminded to read their “VCE Exams Navigator 2013”, which states the dates and times for each exam, approved materials and equipment for exams, as well as a list of guidelines and rules for exams. Year 12 exams for 2013 will be held in the Regent Theatre supper room.

(Information regarding Year 11 subject exams will be provided in the near future.)

 All students were encouraged to make good use of their study time.

 Things that might help to remember key concepts:

  • Draw concept maps that display how key ideas are related.
  • Write lyrics to a familiar tune using information you need to recall. “When you start humming that tune, the tune helps with the retrieval of that information.”
  • Don’t just read and re-write information word for word.
  • Use headings and colours to organise and structure information.
  • Practise exam papers once you feel comfortable with the concepts and information you need.

 Any VET/VCAL student, who has not yet met the requirements of a VCAL/VET subject, may be required to continue to attend regular classes, until they have satisfied the requirements/outcomes of the subject. If a student fits has not satisfied the outcomes, expect to receive a letter home in the mail, within the next 3 weeks, from the relevant subject teachers.

 Congratulations to the following Frequent Fliers who all ‘cashed’ in their cards this morning for a lucky (or not-so-lucky) dip:

 Year 11: Adam Moore

 Year 12:  Louise Christison, Nicole Missen, Taylah Beaton,Brad Robinson

 Each of these students was allowed a ‘lucky dip’ in the prize bin and will receive an acknowledgement by post.


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