Senior School Report (August 30, 2013)

With approximately six weeks to go for Year 12 students and ten weeks for Year 11s, Senior students were reminded about the importance of working hard in all subjects and making good use of study periods, to ensure success.

Students were reminded about signing up for the free Access Education VCE Revision workshops, which students needed to sign up for/enroll with Ms Kerrison by today.

Any Yr 11 students who did not yet have a copy of the VCE polo tops letter, to take home to their parents, or have not yet tried on a sample, to assess their size, were given an opportunity to do so today. Students were also reminded that all money needs to be submitted to the front office no later than Friday September 13.

As the month was draws to a close, it was time to award the month of August student acknowledgements for Academic Excellence.

VCE Physical Education:

Leah Vollmer and David McKeane were recognized for showing ‘Major improvement’, while Laura Johnston, Molly Howell and Jessica Fyffe were identified as having ‘consistently pleasing results’.

Each student who was acknowledged was awarded a Frequent Flyer.

An award also went out for the ‘Student of the term’ – who was awarded to Dem Chaiphon, for completing all his Intermediate English work, with the support of his afterschool tutor.

Dem was acknowledged with a certificate and invited for a ‘lucky dip’ in the prize bin.

 Speaking of lucky dip…

Congratulations to the following Frequent Fliers who all ‘cashed’ in their cards this morning for a lucky (or not-so-lucky) dip:

Year 11:

Nadine Lucas, Fiona Saliakos, Shawna Miller, Adam Moore, Leah Vollmer, Daniel Bassett, David McKeane

Each of these students was allowed a ‘lucky dip’ in the prize bin and will receive an acknowledgement by post.

Congratulations also to Wyatt Kilgower, who was acknowledged for being a Good Samaritan and helping a little girl, who needed assistance, on the school bus.

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