Senior School Report

Just a reminder to VCE and VCAL students to be prepared: Sick? Absent from school? You must have a medical certificate. Meet deadlines. Feeling overwhelmed? Create a homework plan! It is too late for you to think about changing VCE classes for Semester 1, as we are 7 weeks into the curriculum!

Don’t forget there is a YSC Year 12 Volunteer in Cambodia parent information eveningWed 5th March. This meeting will be held in the Hot House at 6pm.

Swimming sports: Congratulations to our Senior School House Leaders and swimming participants. A fantastic job done by all. Keep up the good work.

 Driving your car to school: Please remember if you have recently turned 18 and are driving to school, you need to go to the front office to collect the paperwork. (You cannot drive a car to school if the paperwork is not completed)

Yr 11 – Leadership Team:

Join the Year 11 Leadership Team! Plan to organise one activity per term – we need your help to do it! If you are interested in participating in the year 11 Leadership Team you need to attend a meeting with Mrs Trickett and Miss Demaria in the in the Senior Study today. We have planned a Easter egg hunt towards the end of term one.

Valentine’s Day: A huge congratulations goes to Shawna Miller for a fantastic effort on setting up the Valentine’s Day morning tea.

Peer Support : has been launched and is going well. Congratulations to our Peer Support Leaders: Jasmine Arnol, Stephen Hunter, Kansas Martens, Ryan Collin, Jack Mitchell,  Jake Middleton, Alex Bowden ,Megane Greenaway ,Tyler Chisholm ,Corey Whiteoak, Dylan Nicholls, Laura Bland, Dulcie Barlow, Jess Godenzi  and Kate Mullan.

During  term one the Year 11 VCAL class has been working to improve Rojo Gardens = amazing.  Go and check it out.  Should be finished by the end of term one.

SRC: The 2014 representatives for Year 11 and 12 are the following: Emma Foat, Wyatt Kilgower, Hannah Maciol, Laura Bland and Jasmine Arnol. If you have a burning issue that you want to put to the SRC, go and see one of your friendly representatives.

Frequent Flyers:  Congratulations  to the following Frequent Flyers who all ‘cashed’ in their cards this morning for a lucky (or not so lucky) dip: Cam Whiteoak, Hannah Maciol, Rachel Summerfield, Louis Rodaughan, Kaitlyn McDonald, Fiona Saliakos, Matt Lambrick.

Each of these students was allowed a ‘lucky dip’ in the prize bin and will receive an acknowledgement by post.

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