Senior Report

As we approach the mid-term, a lot has been happening in the senior school. Students are reminded to be prepared and attend all classes, however if they are going to be absent from class, a medical certificate is a must. It is imperative in the senior school for students to meet deadlines for assessment tasks. If students are going to be away due to extra-curricular activities, they must talk to their subject teachers before the date of a SAC. YSC policy is to have students complete SACs before, not after an excursion, planned family holiday etc. All students in the Senior-school have been e-mailed the SAC/SAT/Important dates calendar, to add to ‘Outlook’. This week has seen a number of students in the senior school become active participants both in front and behind the scenes of the school production: Showtime. All students were urged to come along for the final performance tonight, to support their fellow students. Students were reminded that mid-year exams begin in week 7 of this term (June 2-6). All students will receive a copy of the exam timetable in their English classes next week. Copies of the exam timetable have also been placed on the Year 11 and Year 12 noticeboard and will also be available on the YSC website. Students were also reminded that the GAT is fast approaching. On Wednsday the 11th of June, all students who are completing VCE of VCE VET scored Units 3 & 4 (aka Year 12 Units) are required to sit the GAT. The GAT will be held at the Regent Theatre in Yarram. Students need to arrive by 9:45am at the latest, as the test begins promptly at 10am. Year 12 students were asked to help support the end of Year Valedictory fundraisers as there has not been enough funds raised. If students to not assist with fundraising, optional extras such as a photobooth will not be financially viable. The current fundraiser, a Winter-Warmer Raffle requires donations of food/comfort items, so that we have a package to raffle. Monday the 26th of May will see an altered timetable to accommodate the cross-country. Students are asked to attend school in their school uniform or sports uniform, but can change into house colours before heading to the recreation reserve. Good luck to all senior students! Students were encouraged to get their parents to log onto Vivomiles and create a pledge for their child. So far the parental contribution that we have seen is terrific, however we would like to see more parents become involved. A look at the Vivo league tables saw that once again, Louis Rodaughan and Pete Shrubb were in the number one position in Year 11 and Year 12. The top 10 Vivomiles students from the senior school were entered into a raffle this morning, with the winner receiving an MP3 player on the spot. Congratulations to Shawn Venning for winning our outstanding Vivomiles raffle!

Antoinette Demaria

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