Semester 1 Reports and P/T Interviews

Junior School

This semester, reports for our junior students (years 7 to 9) will look a little different. As you are aware, students have been working on developing their skills in self-directed learning.  The students have been encouraged to participate in self-directed learning and keep a record of their efforts and reflections.  This year we are asking students to present their self-reflection to a staff member and their parent/guardian.  They will be asked to reflect on the work they are most proud of, what have they found the most challenging and the goals they can focus on for future learning. 

You will be contacted by a staff member this week to book in a time for a 15 to 30 minute, student led conference.  Students will have time at school over the coming weeks to complete their presentation and prepare for the conference.  The midyear report will include a subject descriptor for each subject, and advice on where to find the feedback in relation to learning tasks for the semester.  An additional page will include a rubric that identifies how the student is progressing in developing skills needed to become an independent learner, and a summary of the key points discussed during the student led conference. 

Senior School

Our senior students (years 10 to 12) have continued to work hard to achieve outcomes necessary for their VCE & VCAL.  Their report will follow the same format as previous years.  They will be assessed on classroom characteristics and teachers will be providing valuable feedback from the outcomes that have been completed so far. 

Parent-Teacher Interviews

If you would like further feedback from staff regarding your student’s progress, we will be hosting Parent Teacher Interviews on Thursday 25th June from 4 to 7 pm, and from 9am to 2.30 pm on Friday 26th June.  Following Government guidelines, these interviews will be hosted online (using Webex or Google Classroom) or over the phone.  We will be able to accommodate some interviews at the school.  If you prefer to come into the school, you will need to contact the office to make suitable arrangements. 

Bookings for PTI can be made on Compass from Friday 19th June.  Once you have booked, relevant staff will contact you with the details required for online or phone interviews. Please note this is a student free day.

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