School receives Omega equipment

When the Royal Australian Navy closed their transmitting station at Woodside in December 2008, the staff were faced with decommissioning the equipment that had been used for the past thirty years. Most of the equipment would have limited use due to its specialised nature, but manager Glen Hay saw opportunities for Yarram Secondary College to acquire and recycle some useful items.

Omega telescope

The college were particularly delighted to receive the telescope which had been used to view parts of the tower for corrosion or damage. The telescope was capable of clearly viewing a 20mm bolt at the top of the tower. Science teacher Collin Dierickx has already used it with his astronomy class and all were impressed with its magnification and image clarity. He is keen to try it at the next astronomy viewing night.

Other items that were donated to the college were a theodolite, storage shelves, trolleys, drawers full of electrical components, nuts and bolts, lead weights, test equipment and a micrometer set.The college is very grateful, many thanks to the Defence Department, and to Glen and the staff at Omega Tower Communications.

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