School Captains recognise a much loved Prin.

School captains Emma Foat and Wyatt Kilgower acknowledged the achievements of Principal Mr Wayne Chester, as they announced to the school studnets he was leaving.

“For the past 12 Years, Mr Chester has been committed to educating our local youth, starting off as a PE teacher and working his way up to the ranks of Principal.

Mr Chester has been a driving force behind all the great improvements at Yarram Secondary College, implementing programs such as the Vivo Rewards system and developing an Overseas Learning Program and creating links with a sister school in China.

What we’re really trying to say is that Mr Chester has been an integral part of creating the great school we have today with its fresh looking buildings, wonderful facilities and wide variety of programs.

Unfortunately our time with Mr Chester is coming to an end, as he will be leaving Yarram Secondary College at the end of this term.  Mr Chester is leaving us to pursue his career closer to home at Leongatha Secondary College.

This is probably the appropriate opportunity to thank Mr Chester for all of his support and encouragement.  He has given us all direction and focus to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of secondary school.  We really appreciate his guidance.

Finally we would like to congratulate Mr Chester on his new appointment and wish him all the best at his new school.

Mr Chester’s forward thinking and approachable nature will ensure his success at Leongatha.”

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