Safe Riding with YSC

On the 12th of September Yarram Secondary College ran a full day MotoSafe Ride Day for 26 students at Yarram Motorcycle Complex. This was the third year this event has been ran. The day was made available for any students in years 7-12 who owned a motorcycle. The purpose of the day was to show students the correct way to ride in the safest possible manner. This was done by showing them the correct riding safety gear, how to undertake regular checks on their motorcycle to identify faults, showing them correct riding technique to eliminate mistakes and to outline where the safest places are to ride and why.
The governing body of Motorcycling Victoria were impressed with the concept and got on board by supplying the permit for the Yarram Motorcycle Complex and giving each student a mini license to the value of $90 which allows them to enter any club day held in Victoria.
Yarram Motorcycle Club was very supportive as they allowed us to use all their facilities free of charge. It also gave them the opportunity to possible gain more members out of the day.
The three coaches for the day included Ashton Webster (YSC teacher) Stephen Tuff (Motorcycle Journalist) and Burgan Gardiner (top level female motocross racer). Together they had a combined experience over 50 years of not only riding recreationally, but also competing at the top level of the sport.
The day ran extremely smoothly with no injuries with some fantastic feedback from parents and the teachers that were helping, but most importantly the students. Some claimed it was the best day they have ever had with the school and couldn’t believe how much they had improved over the day. A member from Ambulance Victoria David Stoneham also came for look and was extremely impressed that Yarram Secondary College was being proactive in making such a great sport as safe as possible.


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