Rock Pool Rambling at Walkerville

The year 7s are currently studying classification of living things, ecosystems and how living organisms adapt and survive.  So to extend our classroom learning on Monday 11 November we went on a field trip to the rock platforms at Walkerville to investigate the unique animals that call the intertidal zone home. The rain held off for a great day exploring. Students placed a hoop on the rock platform and armed with identification charts, they counted and recorded all the marine animals and seaweed found within their hoop. We compared the numbers and different types of animals that could be found at the high tide mark and the low tide mark.

Of the many animals found living at the rock platform, shore crabs, little sea stars and sea anemone were by far the most popular amongst the students. The great finds of the day included a large orange five-arm sea star, a shore eel and  an elephant snail.

A great day was had by all.


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