Records tumble at Athletics

Although a little cool, the weather stayed fine for our annual interhouse athletics held on Thursday, May 1st. Events were hotly contested by the students with great sportsmanship and friendship shown.

The highlight of the day was the breaking of four long standing records with Layton Sketcher breaking 4, U14 100mts, 200mtrs, 800mts and long jump, Ruby Lane 2, U13 100mts & 200mtrs, Bradyn Wilson U15 100mtrs and Seamus Doyle U14 triple jump.
Year 12 VCAL ran a drinks and bbq stall keeping the food and refreshments up to everyone. A couple of Layton’s records were from the 1970’s so well done to the record breakers and all the students who participated so enthusiastically.

Results on the day saw Gellion triumph again winning by a massive margin, Whitney were 2nd, Livingston 3rd and McMillan 4th. Students were awarded points for participating as well as placings.

Age group champions were 13 yrs Ruby Lane and Ben Mattern, 14 yrs Claire Gay and Layton Sketcher, 15yrs Jessica Mattern and Jesse Biemans, 16yrs Chelsea Smith and Liam Bentley, 17yrs Tavia Field and Rowan Missen 20yrs Ashlee Elliott and Louis Rodaughan.

Well done to all staff and students, particularly the PE staff for a well organised day

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