Production Fever is Here


This years production “Soul Sister’s will be up with the best of our productions when students hit the stage in May.

Synopsis Sarah is finding life hard with her parents’ divorce and the loss of her twin sister and soul mate, Ava as she has moved away with her Dad.  After an incident at the school where Sarah put laxatives in the school line dancing team’s orange juice, Sarah’s mother mixes her up a homeopathic concoction that causes her to see two figures, Lou (The Devil side) and Shep (An Angel side).  Sarah strikes a deal with Lou that she will be given the help of seven Bad Habits over the next year who will help her do anything she desires if at the end of the year she leaves school and signs up to the “Lake of Fire” bar and grill. Sarah thinks this is a good deal as she hates school anyway and doesn’t really have a life, so a job in a bar will do. Not realising she has sold her soul to the devil, Sarah goes along with the plan.

With the Bad Habits help, Sarah starts to realise her ambitions.  She becomes school captain when the Bad Habits destroy her competition, her sister comes to stay with her when her father becomes sick and cannot look after her, her mother gets a serious job in a dental clinic and Zander follows her about like a puppy however none of these things really make her happy.  Worse she begins to understand through her guiding spirit Shep, that at the end of the year she is going to hell. She realises that being evil sucks. As her time comes to an end, Shep convinces Ava, Zander and Emily to help Sarah and learn that by singing in a “Riff Off” battle with the Devil they can get out of the contract.  They face off with the Devil and the Bad Habit singing songs about Devil and Angels until …..


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