Premiers Reading Challenge

On Monday in our General Assembly 12 students were presented with their certificates for completing the 2013 Premiers Reading Challenge.Students must read a minimum of 15 books to successfully complete the challenge. We had 20 students register to participate and they all read several books during the challenge. We are very pleased with the increased participation as there was only 1 student who completed the challenge in 2012.

An ABC Shop voucher was given to the student who read the most books in their year level during the Premiers Reading Challenge. The prize winners were:

Year 7: Michael Johnson and Nicola treller

Year 8: Sam Stone

Year 9: Rachel Sellings

Year 10: Hannah Maciol

Krsiten Sellings of Year 9 was also awarded a prize to recognise her amazing achievement of reading over 60 books. A big thank you and congratulations must go to Sarah Gregory for promoting the event this year and encouraging staff and students to complete the challenge. We are looking forward to having more students participate in 2014.


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