On Thursday the 6th of December, 14 girls from  year 7 and 8 went with Mr Webster and Mr Henderson to do a surfing course where we learned the basics of surfing and water safety.

We arrived at Sandy Point and even though the day was a bit overcast everyone straight away went and got dressed into their wetsuits. After everyone had changed we went to the beach with our instructors to learn about some dangers and how to get up on our boards. After going over the basics we hit the waves. Straight away people were catching some waves and were standing up.

The surf instructors had some prizes to give away at the end, and out of the 80 girls that went for the day, 2 people out of our class of 14 won prizes. Samantha Holt won one of the 3 wetsuits that was given away and Taylah Coulthard won some hair products.

Overall the day went extremely well and everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you to Mr Webster and Mr Henderson for organising the day. Everyone had a great time  

By Chelsea Smith

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