Peer Support Leaders Training Day

Preparation towards welcoming our new year sevens into the 2013 school year continued yesterday with our annual Peer Support Training Day being held at the Port Albert Yacht Club.

The weather was magnificent allowing the training to take place in both the Yacht Clubrooms and the outdoor lawn area.

Fifteen of our 2013 year eleven students volunteered for the training day which taught them all about leadership, teamwork, teaching others, tolerance and respecting each others ideas and opinions.

The fifteen students had a great time and demonstrated all their learning during the many activities in which the participated in throughout the day under the watchful eye of Mr Mark Dows and Ms Melanie Mitchell.

Mr Dows and Mel Mitchell organised the whole day and they did a wonderful job of teaching these young leaders the skills they will require to help our new year sevens transition successfully into secondary college life.

All involved enjoyed a big BBQ lunch at the new foreshore playground and BBQ area.

The day was a huge success with the young leaders learning all of the games and activities they will need to teach next year.

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