Overseas Learning Experience Performance of Understanding

Today was the culmination of weeks of preparation for our OLE students who presented to the Minister for education their Performance of understanding.

Led initially by Molly Howell, who spoke about the preparation and itinerary of the China experience, our students teamed with students from Neerim and District SC for the presentation.

Our other star of the day was Patrick Petterson who spoke about the students experience. Patrick spoke like a seasoned professional and also had the task of presenting a gift to Minister Dixon.

Neerim students Tom and Andrea also did a fantastic job presenting alongside Molly and Pat. Andrea bravely shared her story and explained the huge impact this experience has had on her life and aspirations.

Students spent the morning reflecting on their experiences overseas, with the emphasis being on taking these experiences and using them to make change in both their own lives and on a global scale.

Richard Johnston.

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