Overseas Learning Experience Day 1

After a very early start we found ourselves at the airport checking in luggage and exchanging money. Things went very smoothly until a delay in processing meant there were huge lines waiting for the customs check in departures. Luckily for us we were given priority because we were a large group and we were able to jump the queue!
Initially we were told it would mean a delay of up to 45 minutes, but fortunately our plane took off only 15 minutes late.
It was an extremely long flight and everyone was restless towards the end. We arrived at the Pudong Airport in Shanghai at around 7.30pm local time and we were met by our guide Sam.
On the drive to our hotel Sam told us a little about the history of Shanghai. We quickly checked in and headed to our rooms. The Hotel is named after the very famous Hans Christian Andersen. Most people went straight for a shower but some of us took a short walk and found some dumplings and noodles to eat from a sidewalk cafe. The food was great!

This was also a chance to get a feel of the sights, smells and sounds of this enormous city.





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