Our last day with Changshu Foreign Language Middle School

It was a very excited group of students who got together this morning in the school library. After a busy weekend of activities for most people with their host families it was a chance to share stories and experiences.

At 8.30am we all went out and joined the Monday morning school assembly. After the Chinese national Anthem was sung and the flag raised Mr Chester and Shawna both had to give a speech. Standing in front of over 2,500 people was a little but daunting! Shawna gave a fantastic speech about her experiences in China, as did her host sister. Mr Chester did ok!

The YSC students then had a free day away from classes. We were driven into the city and spent the day shopping, eating Pizza Hut and KFC! Some of the girls had their nails done, several students rode in tuk-tuks and almost everyone did some shopping. A few of our group went and had their hair done with some stunning results!

We were back at school by 3.45 ready for the last class of the day. The students went off to class to say farewell to their new class-mates and the teachers went upstairs to exchange gifts. We received a beautiful framed cross-stitch of the Square Pagoda which is a very famous Changshu landmark.

At the end of the day the students headed home for the last night with their Chinese family and the staff were taken out for a farewell dinner with the Neerim staff and teachers from both of the Chinese schools.

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