Our First Day in Nanjing

Today we left Changshu at 8.30am for the two and a half hour bus ride to Nanjing. It is one of the most historic cities in China and is therefore very popular with both Chinese and international visitors.

Upon arrival we checked into our Hotel which is in a fantastic location in the centre of the city. It is close to a range of restaurants and the main shopping and business district of Nanjing.

Students were given some time to check into rooms and settle in before we all headed off to explore Xuanwu Lake. This lake is huge and has a series of four different islands connected to each other by arched bridges. There is a 9km long path that goes completely around the lake or you can follow the paths and walkways from island to island.

Xuanwu lake is situated just outside what was one of the original gates into the city of Nanjing. There is a huge section of the old wall that adds to the scenic and historical significance of this area. Many students decided to hire paddle boats and spent time exploring the lake while others walked and took in the sights.

We had dinner at a restaurant near our hotel and then students had some time to explore the surrounding area after dinner. We were all back in our rooms by 9pm and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Many of the students have been waking up at 5.30am to 6am during homestay to ensure they were at school in time for the first class.

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