Our first day at Changshu Foreign Language Middle School

The first morning at CFLMS started very early for our students. They all arrived at school with their Pals between 6.30am and 6.45am. We held a meeting in the library and all had a chance to share stories about their first night with their Chinese family.

Most students were taken out to a restaurant for dinner and tried some very interesting food. They were given gifts and several were given  boxes and baskets of treats such as chocolate bars, drinks, and other nice treats. Lewis arrived at school loaded up with chocolate bars and Jade had a large supply of drinks!

Some of the morning activities were cancelled due to the wet weather today, so unfortunately we were not able see the normal Monday morning whole school assembly. After some time together in the Library the students headed off to their first class with their Pal.

Wyatt, Nadine & Molly found themselves in a PE class, trying to keep up with the Chinese students as they went through their exercise routine. The teacher stood at the front of the room and each blow of the whistle signalled a different exercise. Mr Johnston was very entertained watching them in action!

At 11.30am we were taken up to a special room in the dining hall for a huge lunch. There was delicious spread of chinese food available, along with steak and some sandwiches. There was lots of fruit and we were provided with milk and fruit juice to drink.

The Chinese students eat their lunch very quickly and then from 12.15 to 1pm they go back to their classroom to do homework as there is so much homework given to them they cannot finish it at home. YSC students joined their Pals during this homework time and then spent the afternoon in classes. The last period of the day is called the Class Meeting and Chinese students use this time to do homework or get extra help. During this period today our students did short presentations to the class to introduce themselves.

The school day at CFLMS finishes at 4.35pm!


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