O.L.E. visit to Chinatown

Today the students that have been selected to go on the Overseas Learning Experience to China went on an excursion to Melbourne. We went to the Chinese museum and learnt about some of the customs and traditions to do with China. There was the 64 meter long Millennium Dragon which is used at Moomba festivals and we learnt about foot binding and much more. It was very interesting!

We went out for lunch at the Dragon Boat Palace Restaurant where we had a banquet that consisted of pork, beef and black bean, spring rolls, noodles and fried rice and ate it all with chop sticks! It was delicious and we all polished off the plates of food.

We took a walk through Chinatown and also went to an Australian souvenir shop to have a look at the things we could buy as a present for our host families.

“it was really fun, and I like Chinese food.” Lauren Wight

“I enjoyed eating Chinese food and watching Suzy flicking rice into her mouth! Now I feel pro at chopsticks.” Nadine Lucas

” It was good, the food was wicked.” Jess Fyffe

“The food was really good and I enjoyed learning about the culture” Jed Smith

“Nice meal, great tour. I learnt so much at the museum.” Lewis McQueen

“The whole day was great! Spending a day learning about China with an amazing group of people and making fools of ourselves trying to eat with chopsticks.” Jade Roberts

“Today was a great experience for what things will be like in China. Overall it was a great day!” Shantaz Gregson

By Georgie Reed & Tavia Field







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