O.L.E. Students visit Chinese Exploratorium

Today the Overseas Learning Experience Students from Yarram and Neerim went to Lowanna College in Newborough to visit the Chinese Exploratorium. Lowanna has a Chinese Culture & Language Experience Centre set up as a part of the language centre in their school.

The Exploratorium consists of a number of large interactive touch screens that enables visitors to look at Chinese food, culture, cities and scenery. There are also a number of games and puzzles related to China that can be completed along with lots of information about the main tourist attractions.

In small groups the students were able to explore different aspects of Chinese daily life and culture while answering a range of questions on the activity sheet. This also provided everyone with an opportunity to mix with students from ‘the other’ school and get to know each other a little better before our trip.

Today the students also completed the Visa application forms that are required for them to visit China. Linda, who teaches Mandarin at Neerim, spoke to the students about the difficulties of understanding ‘slang’ for a person coming from a different culture. Rod, Linda and Jiefei spoke to the students about  a range of topics including Chinese culture, general etiquette, gift giving and the concept of saving face.

To finish the day several students from both schools presented what they had learnt about the cities we will be visiting in October.

We had a great day despite the wild weather resulting in a power blackout which shortened our time on the interactive screens. A big thanks to Mr Jason Bek, Principal, and Mr Brian McKenzie, Assistant Principal, who allowed us to spend the day at Lowanna and provided us with a delicious lunch. Thanks also to Jiefei who spent the whole day working with us and sharing her knowledge.

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