Ni Hao Changshu

This morning we left  Suzhou for the city of Changshu and our sister school Changshu Foreign Language Middle School. As we drove into Changshu we dropped off the Neerim staff and students at Kuncheng Middle School and then continued on to CFLMS. After unloading our luggage we were taken to the Teachers cafeteria and lounge for our lunch. The teachers lounge has only been completed and open for a few weeks so we are some of the first people to use it. Our students met their host brothers and sisters and they enjoyed lunch together before having a tour of the school. The students then went off to some classes for the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon we had a welcome party. The Chinese students put on a range of performances such as traditional Chinese instruments, singing and Tibetan dancing. The performances were enjoyed by everyone and the party also included some games that all of the Yarram students and their hosts were involved in. After the welcome party we all spent some time in the Library and the students were picked up from here by their host brothers and sisters at about 5.30pm to go home.

The YSC teachers were treated to a magnificent dinner with some staff from CFLMS before heading back to their hotel. There were many very tasty dishes such as Peking Duck and some interesting things on the menu such as chicken feet and pig stomach.

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    Loving Dowsy’s Beards t shirt!

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