Nest Boxes – VCAL Foundation Work Related Class

On 13th December 2012 the Foundation Work Related class went to Woodside to put up Eden Middleton-Beggs nest box. The heat was so intense it nearly caused us to sweat through our teeth. The grass was long so we had to watch out for snakes.  Before putting the nest box up we were lucky enough to see a Japanese snipe. John Hirt explained we were very lucky to see such  a bird as these migrate from Japan or Alaska each year.

After we put up Eden’s nestbox we had the chance to see an environmentally friendly house.  The house walls were built from polystyrene and filled with cement. The walls are able to collect sunlight and the stored heat can warm the house in winter. We were shown how the styrene blocks fit together like leggo.

After the tour of the environmentally friendly house it was lunchtime so we headed to Port Albert for fish and chips. Despite the heat it was a great day.

Alex Bowden

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