National Young Leaders Day

On Friday, Seamus Doyle, Will Wilson and Hayley Hands attended the National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

They joined hundreds of other young leaders in learning more about how they can ‘master the little’ – how they can make a difference in the world in which we live by setting small goals and achieving success with these.

The students were fortunate to hear from five very entertaining and inspiring speakers. These included:

–          Josh Richards: short-listed for the Mars One project – if Josh is successful, he will be one of four people sent to Mars in 2027 to set up a colony for future research. Josh emphasised the importance of leadership not actually being about you – it’s what you’re doing for others and the world you live in. Josh has been on the end of much criticism in regards to the project and whether it’s actually achievable. His reply? He goes by the rule of thirds – with everything in life, a third of people will criticise or hate what you do; a third won’t care less; and a third will love and support what you do – this third is what you focus on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Daniel Flynn: co-founder of ‘Thankyou’ bottled water which donates all profits to third world countries to improve access to clean water. Daniel’s business began with less than $1000 between himself, his girlfriend (now wife) and best mate and door-knocking bottled-water manufacturers around Melbourne to get on board. They eventually broke through to the Coles and Woolworths markets and haven’t looked back.

–          Dr. Amantha Imber – ‘Innovation Psychologist’ who emphasised the importance of creativity in leadership. Amantha talked about looking for ‘workarounds’ or ways of getting past perceived or real barriers; ‘decision fatigue’ – making important decisions earlier in the day when your mind is fresh; and in terms of creating change – ask yourself ‘What could be done better than what is being done now?’.

Hayley, Seamus and Will were able to chat with the speakers afterwards and were fortunate to spend some time listening and talking to Josh about the Mars One project. They also had access to a free expo with lots of information and freebies related to youth organisations and career pathways. All in all, a fantastic day!

In the words of the organisers: ‘Only the big things I do will ever make a difference’ said NO leader ever.

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