Music to their Ears

Congratulations to all students who were the recipients of this year’s music scholarships.

The scholarships were announced at the annual music bbq held on Tuesday night. Lots of parents and students attended to hear Music Co-ordinator, Linda Bowden talk about the wonderful music program held at the school including the many wonderful teachers. Young Mitch Selby gave everyone a taste of his musical talents when he performed for everyone in attendance.

Linda Bowden- singing, Saul Stainer- brass, drums, Big Band, Russel Praetz- reed instruments, Production band, Don Cook- guitar, John Rees- keyboard, guitar, Lachlan Bowden (fill-in)- guitar, piano, violin

The recipients for 2017 were Joe Clarke for guitar, Sean Clarke- drums, Mesha Wilson-saxophone, Daetona Apiata- piano, Jessica Penman-piano.



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