Middle School Assembly

In our last Middle School meeting, Mr Jones spoke to students for the first time at assembly.

Things discussed included:  An opportunity for year 10 students to design a logo for their VCE tops, the Coastal Ambassadors Program, Bogong Camp, City Camp and Overseas study opportunities.

Students all received their school photo packs to take home. Students are to return these on the day of our School Photos which is Tuesday February 25th.

Canteen vouchers were handed out to the following Year 9 and 10 students for gaining frequent fliers; Nicole M, Mason B, Chris W, Samantha R, Chloe E, Kyle W, Rhianna W, Nick T, Sam S (15 Frequent Fliers), Chelsea P (24 Frequent Fliers), Cody E, Billi C, Jess B, Jess M and Hayley C.


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