Mahindra Excursion

On the 13th of May 10a went on an excursion to Mahindra Aerospace in Traralgon. When we got there, we formed a group outside the factory, and met John Willis who worked there at the factory. John took us through the factory where we had the chance to see how they make the GA8 airvan model. They showed us the process it goes through in order to be completed.

We learned that this is one of the only places in Australia that manufactures and sells aeroplanes they also showed us the paint room and the custom fitting room.  We learnt on this tour that they only use white paint on the planes because it is cooler and more aerodynamic and they make 2 planes a month. We also saw a lot of different parts of the planes getting built.

After we left, we had lunch then went to the plaza and then back to school.

by Scott and Alex

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