Living With Bushfires

On Friday, October 9th , a group of five girls from year eight went to the Living with Bushfire conference for a school project. Although it was held in Churchill at FedUni, members of the whole Gippsland region were invited to come along, and various people gave their own presentations to spread bushfire awareness. There were many different speakers and they all gave interesting and informative speeches about the management of bushfires; the speakers had a range of different jobs, some were meteorologists or worked for the CFA, or DELWP and they all had vast knowledge about fire safety. There was a strong emphasis on using science and interpreting data to develop knowledge and understanding of fire behaviour. Mr.Praetz said his favourite presentation was by Associate Professor Kevin Tolhurst who used historical data and accounts dating back to 1851 to provide insight and understanding, and the ‘phoenix rapidfire’ bushfire simulation tool he has developed was amazing in its capacity to predict wildfire behaviour. The five girls were Hayley-Rose Allen, Jenna Lothian, Sofia Leat, Paris Gillespie, and Teisha, all from Yarram Secondary College.

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